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Hiring isn’t easy for any business owner. Here’s advice on hiring young crew members.

Hiring teenagers, high school students and college students is often necessary for restaurant operators looking to expand the pool of workers and finding solutions to the ongoing staffing shortage affecting the foodservice industry.

While hiring young people brings in new ideas and creates a staff with a variety of different points of view, learning how to find and retain the right young employees is difficult due to the generational gap between hiring managers and teens.

How to hire high school students

Hiring high school students presents a different challenge than traditional recruiting because high school students have different values ​​and experiences. High schoolers are likely to have little to no work experience and prioritize earning extra spending money rather than making career-based job choices. If you’re looking to hire high school students, here are some things to consider:

  • Know child labor laws: There are both federal and state child labor laws regulating the hiring of minors. Make sure that you’re aware of these laws and how they affect your business before making any hires.
  • Identify skills: Since high school students likely don’t have work experience, focus on abilities such as social skills and eagerness to learn when making hires.
  • Set clear expectations: Outline clear expectations and create an employee handbook for the job you’re hiring for. Doing so ensures high school students are familiar with the job’s responsibilities and expected behaviors.
  • Outline work times: High school students have busy schedules revolving around school, sports and extracurricular activities. Make sure you outline expected work times when interviewing prospective high school employees.
  • Walk-through interviews: High school students may have never had a job interview before, so it’s important to outline the process step by step and walk through interview questions slowly with them.
  • Offer competitive wages: Offering a competitive wage is a great way to attract high-achieving workers and motivate them to excel at their job.

How to hire college students

One key difference between hiring college students and high school students is that most college students have more work experience. Additionally, college students value relevant work experience, mentorship and the acquisition of transferable skills rather than just money. When trying to hire college students, consider doing the following to make the process easier:

  • Analyze job history: College students have likely had several jobs or internships already, meaning you can analyze their job history to determine whether they would be a good fit.
  • Consider the GPAA student’s college GPA is a good indicator of intelligence and work ethic, so consider GPA when making hiring decisions.
  • Partner with local colleges: Work with local colleges to receive recommendations and network with prospective college students. Working with local schools can also allow your business to attend job fairs hosted by colleges, opening the door to many potential recruits.
  • Advertisement transferable skills: College students look for valuable work experience that can translate to career work, so advertise the job’s transferable skills in the job description.

Employee referral programs

An employee referral program allows current employees to refer prospective workers to their employer, giving your business access to more quality young workers. If the referred candidate is hired, the referrer will typically receive a monetary bonus. Additionally, a referral program has the potential to make employees feel like they are contributing to the future of the business and create a positive work environment filled with compatible workers.

How to retain young employees

The best way to ensure you have quality young employees is to retain your young workers that excel at their job. The more high school and college workers you retain or have come back for seasonal employment, the less time and effort you’ll have to spend on hiring new employees.

To retain employees and reduce turnover, you have to provide incentives and new experiences to ensure they don’t pursue other job opportunities. Here are some ways you can provide quality workers with benefits to entice them to stay with your business.

  • Paid job training: Provide paid job training, allowing workers to gain relevant skills and work experience while earning money.
  • Increased pay or bonuses: Giving an increase in hourly pay or providing a bonus payment is a great way to reward great employees and entice them to continue to work with your business.
  • MentorshipPairing young employees with seasoned workers that can provide mentorship allows young workers to learn new skills and soak up valuable information.
  • More responsibility: Granting long-time young workers more responsibility as time goes on is a great way to let them grow into their role and become integrated into the business.
  • Positive company culture: Promoting a positive culture in your business creates an enjoyable work experience for your employees and makes them more likely to stay with your business.
  • Flexible scheduling: Young adults have a variety of scheduling conflicts due to school and extracurricular activities. Accommodating them by creating a flexible schedule makes them more likely to have high job satisfaction and stay with your company.

Understanding how to hire young adults and students is a great way to introduce new ideas and points of view to your operation. Not only do young adults have a youthful perspective, but they also have valuable information on how to use technology and social media platforms which can be a boost to your business. If training is handled properly, young adults and students can offer a lot and improve several areas of your operation.

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