Pizzeria Uno’s hotel conversion program brings in hotel guests, localsPizza Marketplace

Chicago-based Pizzeria Uno has begun a hotel conversion program that brings in both hotel guests and locals. It gives Uno more recognition and brings that strong branding to hotels. Three units are open to date. Sept. 23, 2022 | by Mandy Wolf Detwiler — Managing Editor, Networld Media Group This year, Pizzeria Uno created a … Read more

Pizza Inn’s brand refresh modernizes legacy pizza brandPizza Marketplace

Pizza Inn has unveiled a brand refresh that includes a logo, updated mascot and modernized store design that put the buffet at the center of operations. A rendering of the buffet and dining room in a refreshed Pizza Inn. Provided. Sept. 19, 2022 | by Mandy Wolf Detwiler — Managing Editor, Networld Media Group Texas-based … Read more

Square Pie Guys brings Detroit-style pizza to San Francisco

Three-unit Square Pie Guys opened two units during a pandemic, and still the customers keep coming. Learn how Detroit-style pizza makes the concept a standout in a crowded dining scene. Photo by Melati Citrawireja. Provided. Sometimes, a concept just works from the start. Such was the case for California-based Square Pie Guys, which began as … Read more

Brew pub, pizzeria finds ready workforce in people with disabilities

Brewability is a Colorado brew pub and pizzeria. What set the pizzeria apart from others in the industry is its employees: Brewability hires those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Learn how color coding, pictures and other tools help both customers and staff. Pizzerias across the country look for a point of differentiation. Sure, the food … Read more

5 tips to drive loyalty at your pizzeria

Why implement a loyalty program at your pizzeria? Time and time again studies have shown that these programs increase guest spend and visit frequency, which are compelling reasons for a loyalty program on their own. And, with so many digital channels vying for the attention of consumers, you need to be in constant communication with … Read more

3 ways to recession-proof your restaurant

During a recession, some chains seem to still do well. The combination of convenience and lower prices resonate well with financially stressed consumers. Did you have “recession” on your 2022 bingo card? You’ll probably find it right alongside ongoing labor shortages, wages, supply chain disruptions and higher food costs. Just as you cleared “pandemic” from … Read more

Happy Joe’s ready for growth, focuses on product over price

Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream has become a Midwestern mainstay with a wide variety of pizzas. The brand has more than 30 units in the pipeline. If pizza and ice cream had two things in common, it’s that they’re both loved by kids of all ages. Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream caters to … Read more

5 restaurant technologies taking root

Marketing Restaurant technologies are more diverse than ever, hitting the back office and even the roads. We found five cool technologies taking root in progressive restaurants today. The Solo Fleet by ElectraMeccanica has three wheels and storage for food containers. Photo by Networld Media Group. June 17, 2022 | by Mandy Wolf Detwiler — Managing … Read more

Sarpino’s Pizzeria USA sees sales increase with delivery, carryout concept| Pizza Operations

Sarpino’s Pizzeria, already a delivery and carryout concept, didn’t have to pivot like so many restaurants during the pandemic. Now, the 44-unit company is ready for expansion in some new and current markets. During the onslaught of the pandemic, many restaurants had to shift to pick-up and delivery. Full-service restaurants had to pivot like never … Read more