How to hire young employees| Operations

Hiring isn’t easy for any business owner. Here’s advice on hiring young crew members. Hiring teenagers, high school students and college students is often necessary for restaurant operators looking to expand the pool of workers and finding solutions to the ongoing staffing shortage affecting the foodservice industry. While hiring young people brings in new ideas … Read more

Chocolate Sorbet Recipe – Chocolate Covered Katie

This rich and delicious homemade chocolate sorbet recipe is so unbelievably creamy, with absolutely no eggs or heavy cream! Every chocolate lover needs to try this decadent classic chocolate sorbet recipe, because it may quickly become your new favorite dessert. And with just 3 ingredients, it’s super easy to turn the base into many different … Read more

Baked Ham and Cheese Squares

An easy yet elegant looking meal, these Baked Ham and Cheese Squares are meaty, cheesy and full of flavor! Perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner! A SAVORY BREAKFAST PASTRY These Baked Ham and Cheese Squares have long been a favorite when I serve them for teacher appreciation week. They are a highly requested favorite among … Read more

Crispy Cheese Chicken Tacos with Avocado Cilantro Sauce.

This post may contain affiliate links, please see our privacy policy for details. Switching up taco night with these Crispy Cheese Chicken Tacos with Avocado Cilantro Sauce. Ground chicken (or beef) seasoned with smokey chipotle chilies and enchilada sauce and stuffed into tortillas. The tortillas are then pan-fried in a layer of jalapeños and cheese … Read more

Sheet Pan Chicken Quesadillas – The Country Cook

A fun and easy recipe, these Sheet Pan Chicken Quesadillas are the perfect dinner (or appetizer!) Filled with amazing flavor, these are sure to be a crowd favorite! A TWIST ON CHICKEN QUESADILLAS I’ve always loved a good chicken quesadilla, but have you ever tried Sheet Pan Chicken Quesadillas? They are absolutely amazing and they … Read more

A Labor of Love and Nostalgia — Ooni USA

Time flies and cravings change, but whatever current nostalgia hungers for, the sentiment reigns. Nostalgia rules. Present-day curiosity and the traditions of yesteryear collide, kindling fascination — and a longing for something you may never have actually experienced. If that sounds too heavy for a conversation about pizza, let’s talk about Brooklyn Blackout Cake and … Read more