A Labor of Love and Nostalgia — Ooni USA

Time flies and cravings change, but whatever current nostalgia hungers for, the sentiment reigns. Nostalgia rules. Present-day curiosity and the traditions of yesteryear collide, kindling fascination — and a longing for something you may never have actually experienced. If that sounds too heavy for a conversation about pizza, let’s talk about Brooklyn Blackout Cake and … Read more

Dough Bros’ Ham Hock, Braised Cabbage and Roast Potato Pizza Recipe — Ooni USA

When we asked Eugene and Ronan Greaney, founders (and brothers) of The Dough Bros — named Ireland’s best pizzeria in 2020 — to create a traditional St. Paddy’s Day pizza recipe, they immediately knew what they wanted to make: It had to be bacon and cabbage. As Eugene explained, “You ask any Irish person what … Read more

Pistachio and White Chocolate Dessert Pizza Recipe — Ooni USA

Pistachio and mascarpone cream tops this dessert pizza from Italian home pizza makers Cristina Bruno and Giuliano Bronzi of the food blog Vuoi Assaggiare. Cooked in a blue iron pan (an Italian specialty tray similar to a cast iron pan), this pizza gets crispy on the outside while staying cinnamon-roll soft on the inside. This … Read more

Torta Pasqualina Recipe — Ooni USA

Torta Pasqualina, a savory double-crusted pie filled with greens, artichokes and hard boiled eggs, originated in Genoa in the 1500s, but has become a tradition across Italy in the years since its creation. Our spinach-based recipe comes from Calabrian food blogging duo Cristina Bruno and Giuliano Bronzi of Vuoi Assaggiare. Given that it’s typically served … Read more

Ramazan Pidesi Recipe — Ooni USA

Ramazan pidesi, Turkish leavened bread traditionally eaten during the evening meals of Ramadan — a month in which Muslims strictly fast from sunup to sundown — is light, chewy and covered in sesame and nigella seeds. Turkish pizza maker Serhan Ayhan of Astoria, Queens-based pizza popup Next Level Pizza created a version of the bread … Read more